Maintain Your Tankless Water – Annual Descale Flush

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Do you own a tankless water heater? You should flush it annually. Here are some basic steps. The pump and hoses will cost less than $100.

HINT :: This is much easier than you think!

Water Heater Maintenance - Northtowne Builders

Basic setup for tankless water heater descale.

What you’ll need:

Follow these steps:

  • Check to see that you have a flush kit installed (see service valve in drawing at right).
  • Start by turning off the gas (if your heater is gas).
  • Make sure the unit is plugged in and is in the ON position.
  • Shut off the hot and cold water.
  • Open the caps on the flush kit. The kit looks like two hose bib hook ups with a small cap installed.
  • Set the pump into the bucket
  • Hook one of the hose from the pump to the red – inlet – side of the water heater flush kit.
  • Hook one of the hose from the heater (blue) and drop into the bucket
  • Open the drain valves on the flush kit
  • Pour vinegar into 5 gallon bucket
  • Plug-in the cord from the pump and allow to run for about an hour
  • When finished:
    • unplug the pump
    • turn off the drain valve flush kit handle
    • unhook hose and replace cap on the flush kit
    • turn the water and gas to the on position.


If you have difficulty with any step call a professional plumbing contractor or contact us for help.

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