Maintain Your Tankless Water – Annual Descale Flush

Green Build

Do you own a tankless water heater? You should flush it annually. Here are some basic steps. The pump and hoses will cost less than $100. HINT :: This is much easier than you think! What you’ll need: 1- submersible pump (about $75 bucks) 1- set of washing machine hose (about $10 – $15 bucks) […]

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10 Repairs That Take 10 Minutes or Less

Here are 10 of the quickest, no-nonsense home repairs for your house, garage and yard. The best part is, they all take 10 minutes or less. Read more: 10-Minute Home Repairs | Home | The Workbench Life GO HERE Follow them here: @WorkbenchLife on Twitter Photo by Craftsman [tweet “See TheseĀ 10 Projects That Take 10 […]

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